Rough Patch: 1985 -2012

by Kazee.Queen

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    "Love comes in many forms throughout our lives..."
    This album is dedicated to Ray Allen Courtney Jr.
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The Rough Patch is dedicated to the man I loved and lost and all those that followed in these last few years. Tracks including on this album speak on my reality, what I've experienced and learned on this journey. Special S/O to: Symmatree for helping with another album and keeping me on the positive side of things, Aubrey Hicks-my dad for giving me the support and understanding I needed to get through this year, Amanda Perez for being a light in my life, Michelle Desiree and Brandy for being the example of love in all its forms, Billy and Candyce Tuggle for opening your home to me and giving me the hope that is moving me forward, Sonya Renee for reminding me that my body is NOT an apology, Jerome Horton for being you, Jerome Hays for being a great friend in all of this, Adrienne Kennie for being a listening ear and supportive heart, Kim Goodman for being you girl, Mike Hickey for reminding me to keep my pen moving, and Carmendy for reminding me that life goes on.


released July 16, 2012

Producer: Symmatree, Vocals: Faylita Hicks, Symmatree




Kazee.Queen Austin, Texas

Faylita Hicks’ work discovers the innate spirituality of the individual; a spirituality that is often translated into the embodiment of the metaphors dance and music. Her work aspires to encourage both self-awareness and self-actualization by addressing the topics of social awareness, religion, gender and sexuality. ... more

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Track Name: Grenades
We fell in love
to the sound of bombs
falling (2x)

Grenades for hearts (2x)

We, we fell in love
to the sound of bombs

We fell in love
to the sound of bombs
falling (2x)
Track Name: The Eclipse
The Eclipse

the child who falls
head over heels

falls and
falls and



When in love
it is as if the eclipse
is a concept, not a concrete

like death. It is a thought
ignored or a thought that remains
un-rendered in the innocent eye,
at least for a time.

For the young
there is no such thing as an eclipse
or an erosion of the connect
or the dissipation of a body
or the annihilation of an osculation.

When in love,
these things do not exist.

An obscured thing
hangs hollow above
those of us who have loved
and who are left.

It hangs, an echo
as though there is only
the vestige of a voice
in the arrested body.

As though
there has been a breach
of the once erect soul,
of the ancestral octave once evoked
during ceremonial séances every evening.

This thing, it shakes
shudders and stills
at least for a moment.

When in love,
there is only a solidifying design
of two edges
currently confirmed connected.

There are two separate wails that erupt;
suddenly caustic to the vintage veil
of an Always or a Forever.

There are two suspicious riots
that slam into an antidote

and they reverberate, arrogant,
as if these ruptures alone
were the first ever
in an eon.

As if these forms
could somehow fire-cloud
the sun itself with their evolutions.

As if the eclipse
were simply some noose
once wrapped around the Ageless
and not their tongues.