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Announcing the crossover of Spoken Word Artist Faylita Hicks to Rapper Kazee.Queen


I'm elevated/gifted
High enough to hit this/ Sick enough to kill hits/
Make ya momma hot spit/ Been blessed by the negligence/
I came despite my faults ya'll/ It's dirty broad in hot spot

Excuses are the monuments of nothingness you cock /block/
so why you in my face dude/ don't you know that I'll eat you/

Post you up like Instagram, / Swallow you like Twitter fam/
I'll take for a Tumble man/ make you think this is Amsterdam/


He ask me where I came from/ I said I'm from that dirty South/
or can't you tell / I'm all mouth/

Thicker and I'm out now/ Came up on the poetry scene/
Literally/ you are obsolete/ Lyrically/ I am obscene/

It's okay/ just follow me/ I'll take you back to harmony/
a small commodity/ for poverty/ it's comedy/

How you still waitin' for "Change"/ I'll give you dates and names/ Whips and chains!/ Leave you to it while I get brain/

If knowledge leads to power fam/ Then you can watch me Super San/ and catch it on your private cam/

I'm Antoinette with the Cake/ So watch your fists/ motherfuckers/ cause I know they're fakes/

And stepping to me/ stepping to me/ huh/
stepping to me would be a mistake/


from Collision City, released January 1, 2015
Latin Guitar by Victor Bustos




Kazee.Queen Austin, Texas

Faylita Hicks’ work discovers the innate spirituality of the individual; a spirituality that is often translated into the embodiment of the metaphors dance and music. Her work aspires to encourage both self-awareness and self-actualization by addressing the topics of social awareness, religion, gender and sexuality. ... more

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